Health and wellness for your team and your pets.

Reduce your team's stress and anxiety by providing security for your four-legged children.

  • Health and wellness app;
  • Pet Insurance for employees;
  • Pet Benefits Club!
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The next step to protect the whole family.Why pet's benefits?


of people aged between 20 and 38 have pets


would prefer to work for a company that provides benefits for pets


would spend whatever it takes to save their pet's life


of people who have a pet are happier :)

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What do your employees gain from this benefit?

Various services to take care of family pets!

Financial Peace of Mind

Having a pet health plan means you don't have to worry about unexpected expenses related to your pet's health.

Managed Health

With the Flockr app, you can organize your pet's medical records, in addition to having the complete history, you will be intelligently monitoring the dates of the next vaccines, deworming, flea treatments, and medications.

Strengthened Relationship

Taking care of your pet's health demonstrates your love and commitment, further strengthening the bond between you. Furthermore, a healthy pet is a happier pet, which makes your life together more pleasant.

Social responsability

By taking care of your pet's health, you are also contributing to animal welfare and promoting social responsibility. A healthy pet is part of a healthy community.

Benefits for pets

Employees have access to discounts on various pet services through our partnership

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Flockr Premium

Go to the next level with your pet care, track expenses, add files, and more!
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Benefits Club

Discounts and promotions on pet products and services, such as veterinary care, training, natural snacks, clothing, accessories, and more!


Give free access to Flockr Premium features and its benefits for your employees

  • Benefits Club Discounts;
  • Pet Routines;
  • Recurring Events and Medical Records;
  • Expenses Control;
  • And much more!
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Pawsome benefit

Be part of the pet movement now and help care for the family's newest member!

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We believe that pets are members of our family and deserve the same care.

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"Being able to compile all my dog's health information in one place, since she is chronically ill (visceral leishmaniasis) and has many exams. This is information that is easily accessible when I take her for a consultation every 6 months, such as the date of heat, date of the last medication, date of replacement of the flea collar, name of the food she is eating, adverse reactions, etc."

"I've been using Flockr for a while now and I love it. It helps me keeping track of all my 3 pets. Every info I need is right there!"

"Lots of endorphins from seeing cute pets Just going in and seeing pictures of lots of pets makes my day so much better"

"I just love this app! I can't stop liking the photos of different animals that are recommended. the functions are simple and intuitive, without major problems to understand the commands. the community is also very nice. ❤️"

"Very useful! Their life in the palm of our hands, I have it installed on my cell and on my daughter's, we're both adding things related to our dogs"