Pet's Health Records

The tool that will take you to control your pet's health.

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Affection and love with responsibility

And sometimes, in the midst of so much information, the task that is no longer easy, becomes even more difficult.

With Flockr you will never forget the dates of the vaccines again and important medications, in addition to having your pet's entire life history, important for future emergencies.

Image showing application screen displaying available features.

A super app for your pet

Awesome features to help your pet throughout its life!

Medical records

Complete summary of your pet's life in one place and ready to share with your veterinarian.


Organize your best friend's entire agenda and intelligently monitor the dates of the next vaccines, deworming, anti-flea and medication.

Diseases and Allergies

Have your pet's illnesses recorded, fill in the symptoms and treatments.

Weight control

History of your pet's weight, with a graph showing the evolution over time.


Register all visits to the vet, such as exams, surgeries and routine appointments.

Bath and grooming

Register all visits to the Pet Shop and take control of your pet's hygiene.

Flockr Premium

Go to the next level with your pet care, track expenses, add files, and more!

Meet Flockr Premium
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"Being able to compile all my dog's health information in one place, since she is chronically ill (visceral leishmaniasis) and has many exams. This is information that is easily accessible when I take her for a consultation every 6 months, such as the date of heat, date of the last medication, date of replacement of the flea collar, name of the food she is eating, adverse reactions, etc."

"I've been using Flockr for a while now and I love it. It helps me keeping track of all my 3 pets. Every info I need is right there!"

"Lots of endorphins from seeing cute pets Just going in and seeing pictures of lots of pets makes my day so much better"

"I just love this app! I can't stop liking the photos of different animals that are recommended. the functions are simple and intuitive, without major problems to understand the commands. the community is also very nice. ❤️"

"Very useful! Their life in the palm of our hands, I have it installed on my cell and on my daughter's, we're both adding things related to our dogs"